2-in-1 Metal Duckbill-Shape Eyebrow Pencil Shaper with 2 Single Edge Razor Blades – Eye Makeup Shaping Tool for Waterproof Peel Off Brow Pencils – Compact Cosmetic Shaper for Beginners & Professional…

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Want to effectively shape your eyebrow pencil’s tip?

So, you recently bought our waterproof eyebrow pencils to get those on fleek brows of your dreams, but you’re having trouble shaping the tip. You often find yourself shaving off too much making the tips too thin or the exact opposite, resulting in thick and chunky strokes.

This is normal for beginners and inexperienced artists who are still not used to using the pen’s free sharpener. But this doesn’t always have to be the case. With the right tool, you can easily sharpen your brow pens, and we’ve got just the right item for you.

Sharpen your brow pens with ease using the Stylia Eyebrow Pencil Sharpener Set!

There’s no need to have a hard time when it comes to shaping your eyebrows. Our tool comes with 4 different molds or shapes to help you sharpen your pencil’s tip for a better drawing experience. With this, you can make a perfectly thin or slanted tip, allowing you to outline your brows more precisely.

How to use: Insert the pencil into slot A. Use a razor blade to shave off only one side of the pencil’s tip. Remove the pencil. Insert the shaved side face down into slot B. Shave the second side of the pencil’s tip until both sides are symmetrical.

What’s great about this useful cosmetic tool is that it’s extremely compact and lightweight, allowing you to bring it anywhere you go. It’s also an incredibly useful tool for makeup artists who specialize in permanent makeup or microblading to assist with outlining and marking.

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons to get this accessory:

✅ Easy to use and clean
✅ Helps you get the perfect eyebrow shape
✅ Great for professional makeup artists and microblading pros

Get the perfect brows with the right tools. Add the Stylia Eyebrow Pencil Sharpener Set to your cart TODAY!
SHARPEN YOUR PENCIL ANYTIME, ANYWHERE – Our makeup sharpener is compact and lightweight, enabling you to take it anywhere. Put it in your purse or makeup bag so you can always sharpen your brow pencil.
QUICK & EASY CLEANING – You won’t have a hard time cleaning this makeup pencil sharpener after use. Just clean it using rubbing alcohol and wipe dry with a soft cloth, cotton, or tissue!
USEFUL GIFT FOR MAKE-UP LOVERS – Know a professional or permanent make-up artist? This brow pencil sharpener will be an indispensable tool to help with eyebrow mapping, outlining, and markings.
BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – Your experience with our sharpener for eye pencil is important to us. If you have any problems with this item, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked!