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Feel Good Fitness is a fitness studio for adults that offers group exercise classes and personal training.

Feel Good Fitness is a unique fitness experience that combines the best of yoga, Pilates, and core strengthening exercises. You’ll feel good about your progress as you transform your body and mind.

Feel Good Fitness is a family-friendly fitness facility that offers a diverse range of classes, personal training, and group fitness. Our mission is to help you feel good about yourself by getting fit and feeling great!

Try Not To Turn Away!

When somebody takes a gander at you in all honesty, do you bring down your eyes or dismiss your head? Quit keeping away from the look of the other! Correspondence isn’t just regarding talking! The look and looks, yours as well as those of your conversationalist, are significant. Obviously, don’t misrepresent and don’t gaze at the other constantly.

Transform Your Dread Into Positive Energy!

Do you encounter close frenzy dread in new circumstances? Try not to burn through the entirety of your effort and contemplations attempting to conceal your apprehension. Going against the norm, attempt to change it into positive activities: grin, talk, connect with others…


As a matter of fact, participating in discussion with a more abnormal or even with your nearby neighbor might appear to be impossible. In any case, let yourself know that everybody is anxious when they need to move toward a third individual. Definitively, compel yourself to make contact rather than constantly attempting to keep away from it. This ought to console you and permit you to track down the most effective ways to fabricate connections.

Go all in! Feel free to new conditions and to have new encounters. Gradually you will become ready to adjust to new settings in a matter of seconds!

Regardless of whether you need to get more fit or basically further develop your prosperity, it is essential to stay kind to yourself, to routinely feature the endeavors gained and the headway made. This is featured by the new.

Fitness 2

Try Not To Copy!

Positively, it can some of the time be helpful to involve somebody who is certain all the time of himself as a good example. In any case, this impersonation has its cutoff points. Fearlessness shows diversely relying upon every individual’s character and style. So you can’t duplicate your demeanor on others. Search for your own method of articulation.

I'm Awesome!

Utilize the Coué technique! Tell yourself “I can make it happen” or “I’m awesome”! Rehearsing positive reasoning doesn’t cost anything and can pay off. Since now and again everything necessary is a little push to get on the triumphant side!

Confirm Yourself!

In fact, talking uproariously isn’t really an indication of self-assurance… however it assists with championing oneself. What’s more, it’s unquestionably more powerful than murmuring with your hand before your mouth! Likewise, look at your conversationalist without flinching and talk straightforwardly to the individual concerned.

Put Forth Feasible Objectives!

Your absence of self-assurance comes from an extremely durable sensation of disappointment? Quit defining or tolerating impossible objectives! One of the keys to fearlessness is authenticity: you should know your capacities and particularly your cutoff points! Alternatively, separate your objective into little middle-of-the-road steps. Prevailing in these little advances will assist you with accomplishing your objectives, as long as they are sensible.

Acknowledge Your Errors To Advance Better!

Continuously to keep away from disappointments, you should perceive your slip-ups! Precisely assess the explanations behind your past disappointments, both expert and private. By trying not to rehash old missteps, you can get to the next level…

Counsel a specialist on the web.

Need clinical exhortation rapidly? Just make a meeting with an advisor to counsel.

Play Sports!

Pick a games club close to you. Most importantly, register in your class (amateur…) and attempt to confront individuals of your level. You will see, the triumphs you will win will unavoidably console you regarding your capacities. Particularly since in a brief time frame, you, when all is said and done, will be amazed at the headway you are making.


1. Ab Roller Wheel, Abs Workout Equipment for Abdominal & Core Strength Training, Exercise Wheels for Home Gym Fitness, Ab Machine with Knee Pad Accessories

Ab Roller Wheel


An abdominal muscle roller is proficient to enact and reinforcing your muscles in various parts, including the abdominal muscle, arm, chest, back, leg. For strength preparing as well as gainful for center equilibrium control, appropriate for all kinds of people. You can utilize it along with other wellness hardware to improve your preparation result, for example, abdominal muscle triggers, center sliders, obstruction groups, hand weights, portable weights, pull-up bars, push-up handles, weight lifting seat, fighting ropes, and so forth


  • Proficient Ab Workout Equipment
  • Easy to understand for Both Beginner and Advanced Levels
  • Great Design
  • Ideal for Home Gym
  • Favored Gift for Fitness


Simple to introduce, the Vinsguir stomach muscle roller gives sublime comfort and effectiveness to stomach and center strength preparing. In contrast to large machines, seats, push up bars, hand weights, or other weighty exercise stuff, the stomach muscle roller wheel is convenient size-wise – – a reduced plan that empowers you to take it anyplace to work out, be it your home, office, rec center, or outside.

The abdominal muscle mentor accompanies one knee mat, offering strong help and really focusing security on fledglings to easily perform developments without getting harmed. Whenever you’ve developed your center fortitude, attempt to embrace seriously astonishing and testing schedules without utilizing the cushion.

The high-strength hardened steel shaft can hold the greatest Weight of 440 pounds for your wellbeing. The 3.2 inch super wide stomach muscle roller guarantees equilibrium and soundness as it doesn’t go amiss sideways. EVA elastic cotton handles give nonslip and agreeable hold.

The delicate TPR elastic surface of the wheel guarantees smooth activity this way and that on the floor or mat with low commotion, which is ideally suited for practice at home – no stresses over irritating your family or neighbors.

Working your abs, consuming your fat and then some, this adaptable exercise wheel is of no challenge with regards to choosing an optimal present for your loved ones.



  • A modest stomach muscle roller to take care of business.
  • Accompanies a lovable little floor mat.
  • 5.0 out of 5 stars Very durable, thick wheels.
  • Not use being used assuming you’re rusty

2. 321 STRONG Foam Roller - Medium Density Deep Tissue Massager for Muscle Massage and Myofascial Trigger Point Release, with 4K eBook

321 STRONG Foam Roller


Deeply, medium thickness froth roller utilizes licensed innovation to convey a helpful self back rub tantamount to an expert back rub from an actual specialist. The 3 novel back rub zones imitate the thumbs, fingers, and palms so you can get the specific back rub you’re searching for. These 3 back rub zones help to increment bloodstream and flow to trouble spots, diminishing recuperation time, and expanding portability, adaptability, and scope of movement.


Model Name: FBA_758576546988ALIFFBA

Color: Black

Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 12.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches

Brand: 321 STRONG

The Original Body Roller – High Density Foam Roller Massager for Deep Tissue Massage of The Back and Leg Muscles – Self Myofascial Release of Painful Trigger Point Muscle Adhesions


12.75 inches x 5. 25-inch width, lightweight yet rough strong center back rub roller with EVA track and triple lattice 3D back rub zones imitates the finger, palm, and thumb of a specialist’s hands.

Medium thickness muscle roller is agreeable to utilize – making it simple for novices, yet at the same time compelling at entering the delicate tissue layer of tired muscles. Sufficiently delicate to use while in torment from a lower back injury, sciatica, or plantar fasciitis.

One of the most mind-blowing recuperation apparatuses to treat muscle torment, increment execution, and adaptability. Moving when practice sister part of an extraordinary extending routine. Increments bloodstream to knead site, flushing away put away lactic corrosive.

Stretch exhausted and stressed muscles of the leg, arms, and feet by moving during your warm-up and cool-downs. Gives moment advantage to the hamstring, IT band, glutes, and calves by conveying prevalent back rubs at home or in the rec center.

Adored by sprinters, practice competitors, yoga and pilates understudies, swimmers, physical or sports treatment patients, and help those simply doing a typical wellness exercise. Incredible for the curve of the foot, and any piece of the predominant body however the spine or neck.

digital book Companion Guide – Please download our sidekick eBook here on this page, under the segment called “Item guides and reports” or eBook can be downloaded free of charge through the assembling’s site, likewise shows up as an email connection.

The Original Body Roller – High-Density Foam Roller Massager for Deep Tissue Massage of The Back and Leg Muscles – Self Myofascial Release of Painful Trigger Point Muscle Adhesions.



  • Extraordinary for use when exercises
  • Decrease muscle torment and injury recuperation time with customary use.
  • Forestall wounds and pulled muscles
  • In contrast to smooth rollers, enters profound into muscle tissue for most extreme advantage.
  • Self-rub for de-focusing and unwinding following a difficult day.
  • So Small/just corner a fourth of their back.

3. XTERRA Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike, Silver, 31.5L x 18W x 45.3H in.

XTERRA Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike


XTERRA Fitness gives criticism on your speed, distance, time, calories, and heartbeat alongside a helpful sweep include. Screen your pulse and make your exercises more compelling with the handlebar-mounted hand beat sensors.


By 2 AA batteries (included), so you don’t need to stress over tracking down a plug. Searching for a powerful method for consuming calories and improving shape, yet don’t have a lot of room? The XTERRA Fitness FB150 Folding Bike is the ideal exercise device to assist you with easily accelerating away from the calories. Challenge yourself with 8 degrees of opposition which are controlled with the simple to-utilize enormous dial handle strategically placed under the control center. The control center is controlled.

4. Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbell

Bowflex SelectTech 552


The Bowflex SelectTech 552 is one of the movable free-weight OGs. Held inside every unit is basically 15 arrangements of loads, from 5 to 52.5 pounds. They’re movable through the initial 25 pounds in 2.5-pound increases, furnishing a miniature reach with lower-weight activities, and utilizing a natural dial framework for weight choice.


Incorporates 1-Year JRNY Membership (149 dollars esteem; auto recharges when preliminary finishes except if dropped 48 hours preceding preliminary end date)

Every free weight changes from 5 to 52.5 pounds; changes in 2.5-pound increases up to the initial 25 pounds.

Bid farewell to 15 arrangements of free weights jumbling your exercise space and quickly change starting with one exercise then onto the next with a turn of a dial.

Tough embellishment around the metal plates accommodates a smooth takeoff and calmer exercises.

With a more extensive weight territory, you can do weighty activities like shrugs and jumps, as well as lighter activities like twists and raises.



  • The going rate is $500. More than 30% of the going rate is cost gouging.
  • Every hand weight changes from 5 to 52.5 pounds.
  • Scarcely utilized yet broke in any case

5. Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker with Built-in GPS, Heart Rate, Sleep & Swim Tracking, Black/Black, One Size (S &L Bands Included)

Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker with Built-in GPS


With Fitbit Charge 4, there’s no restriction to how far you can go. This smooth, swim-proof tracker is loaded with highlights that assist you with knowing your exercises and your body better like inherent GPS, Active Zone Minutes, Sp02, practice modes, and rest following. Additionally, with Fitbit Pay and as long as 7-day battery duration, you get more comfort in a hurry and more motivation to arrive at your wellness objectives.


Track your skin temperature every night to perceive how it differs from your own gauge (Not accessible in all business sectors. Just accessible in the Fitbit application and just shows variety. Not planned for clinical purposes)

Track exercises continuously with 20+ objective-based practice modes. It’s likewise swim-proof and water impervious to 50 Meters, so you can follow swims, wear it in the shower and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Multi-day battery keeps going as long as 7 days and as long as 5 hours while utilizing worked in GPS (shifts with use and different variables). Track rest stages and survey your in-application Sleep Score so that a simple way might be able to perceive how well you dozed.


Utilize worked in GPS to see your speed and distance on screen during outside runs, rides climbs and that’s only the tip of the iceberg see an exercise force map in the application that shows your pulse changes along your course.

With Active Zone Minutes, feel a buzz when you arrive at your objective pulse zones during exercise, and celebrate when you procure additional minutes outside of the activity. Working temperature: – 20° to 60° C.

Utilize 24×7 pulse to follow resting pulse and better me asure calorie consumption. Matching up to cell phones requires Bluetooth LE and web association. Matches up with Mac OS X 12.2 and up, iPhone 5S and later, iPad 5 gen. what’s more later, Android 7.0 and later.

See your SpO2 daily normal and reach on the wrist, and view patterns throughout the most recent week in the Fitbit application (SpO2 isn’t accessible in all business sectors. The SpO2 include isn’t expected to analyze or treat any ailment or for some other clinical reason)

Track your skin temperature every night to perceive how it differs from your own gauge (Not accessible in all business sectors. Just accessible in the Fitbit application and just shows variety. Not planned for clinical purposes)

Track exercises continuously with 20+ objective-based practice modes. It’s additionally swimming verification and water impervious to 50 Meters, so you can follow swims, wear in the shower and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Multi-day battery keeps going as long as 7 days and as long as 5 hours while utilizing worked in GPS (differs with use and different elements). Track rest stages and audit you’re in-application Sleep Score so that a simple way might perceive how well you dozed.



  • Very great, for certain grumbles.
  • An extraordinary overhaul from a charge.
  • Multi-day battery endures as long as 7 days.
  • None

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