[Beauty of Joseon] Low pH Rice Face and Body Cleansing Bar

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Low pH Rice Cleansing Bar is a hypoallergenic, mildly acidic cleansing soap with an acidity similar to the pH of skin. ​
[Moist finish​] It contains olive oil and rice bran extract to retain moisture even after cleansing.
[Rice Bran Extract​] Rice has been used as a cosmetic ingredient for women in Korea since the Joseon Dynasty. Rice bran is rich in vitamins B and E, helping to moisturize and brighten the skin
[Black Sesame​] The small black grains you see in the soap are black sesame. Black sesame is an excellent antioxidant and provides nutrition to the skin. ​
1. It was produced in a safe manufacturing facility certified by GMP. 2. All product booking boxes are manufactured using FSC-certified paper. 3. This product is cruelty-free and is against animal experiments. 4. We did not use artificial fragrance and colorants, essential oil, mineral oil, etc., that may irritate sensitive skin.