Dermablend Insta-Grip Jelly Primer Face Makeup, Silicone-Free Face Primer for Dry Skin, Pore Minimizing with 24HR Wear, 1.0 Fl oz

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dermablend jelly primer face primer jelly face primer makeup foundation face makeup

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primer face primer

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Complete the Routine


1. Prep

2. Cover

3. Set

4. Remove


Moisturizes skin, grips makeup

Provides weightless coverage

Locks in makeup up to 16 hrs

Dissolves stubborn makeup


Unique sticky jelly

Liquid drops

Loose powder

Lightweight non-greasy cream







Sweep up & out, then let dry

Shake well. Wear alone or mix

Apply, set for 2 min, buff off

Apply then rinse or tissue off

Why is it sticky?

This unique, sticky jelly texture is formulated with cork extract and panthenol (vitamin b5) to help makeup grip instantly and extend makeup wear for up to 24 hours. It quickly absorbs into a smooth, natural finish on the skin.

What makes this a 3-in-1?

Insta-grip is a makeup gripping primer, an instant moisturizer, and a tightening mask.

What makes this primer unique?

This sticky jelly primer is the best of both worlds: it moisturizes & tightens the skin, and preps it for an optimal makeup result with up to 24hr wear.

What makes this an instant moisturizer?

Insta-grip is formulated with glycerin, a humectant that smooths and attracts moisture to the skin.

How long should I wait before applying makeup over this primer?

Insta-grip absorbs quickly for optimal makeup application. To get the best grip, allow insta-grip to absorb for at least 30 seconds.

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face primer makeup