DJI TELLO DRONE | 13 Mins of Flight Time | Rechargeable Battery

DJI TELLO DRONE | 13 Mins of Flight Time | Rechargeable Battery

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The little drone has a blast to fly and offers coding education to help users learn about drones. It is user-friendly, too.

  • DJI TELLO Drone is the most popular design with 720p making it one of the highest tech portable drones available. With its 13 minute flight time and 5MP megapixel camera, it is impossible to find a similar drone in this price range.
  • VR headset compatibility flies with breathing first-person view control range:25.
  • The TELLO Nano Drone will make children and parents extremely happy. New pilots hoping to break into the industry at a reasonable price will additionally be very pleased.
  • Tello Nano drone provides advanced features in a compact form factor, allowing you to take power and portability to the next level.
  • Shooting functions are used here to capture excellent images. A safer, smarter flight will boost your creativity, enabling you to keep up with the game.
  • In addition, it has new ergonomics, obstacles avoidance, and two antennas for extra stability and high-capacity video transmission.
  • Tello takes amazing photos and videos. The flight height is 15mtrs and the gross weight is less than 100grams.
  • Indian compatible Nano Drone (flying license is not required).


Detailed Review

DJI Tello Drone can be flown straight out of the crate when you’ve given it a charge. The actual robot is little and very lightweight at just 2.8 ounces. It looks how you’d anticipate that a drone should look, with four propellers and a camera mounted on the body, and its minimal size makes it an extraordinary partner in crime. Before you can begin flying, you’ll need to download Tello, the robot’s controlling application, onto your cell phone. The Tello drone doesn’t have a different regulator, so a cell phone with the application is fundamental. All photographs and recordings are additionally put away here, as the robot doesn’t contain any interior stockpiling.

Flying the DJI Tello is instinctive yet does in any case take a smidgen of training to dominate, similar to figuring out how to play a computer game. Confound the all over, or left and right, and you may coincidentally wind up with a robot in a low-hanging tree limb (which happened to me).

Certainly get going rehearsing inside or in an open space outside, like a lawn. Nonetheless, whenever you have its hang, you’ll see it simple to move. You can likewise move your guiding abilities to different Drones if you choose to update. Albeit the controlling gadgets may contrast, the essential flying techniques reproduce, regardless of what model you’re guiding.

The stills and video film are of acceptable quality, albeit not of the great goal you’d find in a more superior item. The Tello accompanies a 5-megapixel camera and shoots 720p video, which can undoubtedly be controlled through the application.

Outfitted with an excellent picture processor, Tello shoots fantastic photographs and recordings. Regardless of whether you don’t have a clue how to fly, you can record composed short recordings with Circle, 360, and Up and Away and share them via web-based media from your cell phone.

Presently accessible for Tello is a versatile programming application that supports Scratch. Understudies can order Tello to perform comparing developments by hauling coding blocks on their shrewd cell phones. Understudies can likewise foster programming abilities by messing around and finishing levels. Find the fun of programming!


Content Table

    Features   |   Gallery   |   Videos   |   Our Score   |    Buy On Amazon 


Content Table

    Features   |   Gallery   |   Videos   |   Our Score   |    Buy On Amazon 

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Tello has an onboard camera & a Vision Positioning System. With its Vision Positioning System and advanced flight controller, it is capable of hovering in place and can be flown indoors.



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DJI Tello Nano Drone

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June 22nd 2021

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