Facial and Body Cupping Set – Face Cupping Set, Improve Face, Eyes and Neck Skin Wrinkles, Therapy Suction Cup for Cellulite Effectively Improve Body Skin Tightness, Anti-Cellulite Cupping Therapy Set

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Massage Cleans to Relax the Skin – The small octopus silicone facial cleansing brush is small and cute, which is made of food-grade silicone and is easy to foam. Squeeze the Cleanser into the bottom of the cleaning brush and rub it gently to lather. After seeing the foam, you can use the dense brush on the top to slowly clean and massage the skin to relieve skin fatigue and enjoy the comfortable massage experience brought by the facial cupping set.
Moderate Softness and High Suction Power – The silicone facial cupping set includes 3 mini eye massage cups, 3 facial massage cups, 2 medium-sized body massage cups, and 1 large-sized body massage cup. The facial cupping set for the face and body is pretty good to complete cupping without fire or a pump gun. In addition, whether it is self-massage or partner massage, It is worth being your right-hand man.
Locks in Moisturizing Ingredients – Facial Cupping Set for Glowing Skin – Reusable silicone facial mask is a great help to apply the mask. Besides firmly fixing the mask on your face when you walk or work, it also locks the moisturizing essence on the mask to absorb and keep your skin moisturized for a long time. *If there is a difference, the face shape and some details are not very suitable, you can trim it slightly at the ear hook position.
Tip: The hardness of the silicone cupping therapy set is affected by the temperature. When in low temperatures, it’s maybe firmer and inconvenient to use, the first way you can soak them in hot water for three to five minutes before using them. If you have some signs of discomfort, please use the cupping set with caution, or consult your healthcare provider.