Hot Tools One Step Volumizer Carrying Storage Case, Black

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Introducing the HT one-step volumizer carrying case. A stylish way to store and protect your favorite one-step blowout volumizer. Sleek casing that easily zips open and closed and fits all volumizer and detachable sizes comfortably. A durable exterior helps prevent damage and protect bristles, and a soft interior that holds your tool Snug. The interior features a roomy mesh pocket so you can stay equipped with all you need to create all the blowout masterpieces imaginable. Easily store clips, pins, or other accessories. The contoured shape makes it so your volumizer is still easily packable for on-the-go days, storable for tidy organizing, and even more portable with an easy-to-carry side handle. Pair your volumizer with the volumizer carrying case and imagine the long-lasting blowout possibilities.
Durable exterior helps prevent damage and protect bristles.
Soft interior holds Snug any volumizer (including detachable sizes).
Mesh pocket included inside easily stores clips, pins, or other accessories.
Contoured shape – Easy packing, storing, and exterior side handles for added portability.

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