KYDA 6 Colors Face Concealer Palette, Natural Concealer Cream Palette Contouring Palette Cover Base Palette, Moisturizing Contour Face Cream Highlighter Concealer Palette,with Brush

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Product Description:

Item:6 Colors Color Correcting Concealer Palette with 1 Round Head Concealer Brush

Shelf Life: 3 Years(the specific time is subject to the package)

Skin Type: All


1. 6 in 1 concealer palette. 6 common color shades to choose from, which matches the skin tone and corrects the skin tone.

2. Light texture but excellent concealer coverage. Help you create light natural nude makeup.

3. Multi-essence nourishing formula. Nourish the skin while creating concealer makeup.

4. Multi-purpose color correcting concealer palette. Covers skin blemishes such as dark circles and acne marks. And as contour palette help you create 3D facial features.

How To Use:

For dark circles:

1.Use a small amount of orange concealer and use a round-head concealer brush to cover the target area with series of overlaps.

2.After covering it almost completely, apply a thin layer of foundation to complete it.

For acne marks:

Cover with dark concealer first, then use light concealer to correct it to match the skin tone.

For fine lines:

1.Use a light-colored concealer that is slightly lighter than your own skin on the fine lines.

2.Use a concealer brush and fingertips to lightly smudge and blend naturally.


1.After using, please make sure the cap is tightened, or it might dry fast. Store horizontally for best performance.

2. Keep away from children.

3. Place in a cool place to avoid direct sun.

4.Due to the influence of display, illumination, environment and other factors, it will cause some color difference between the picture and the actual object.
【Excellent Concealer Coverage】Moisturizing, non-clumping, concealing blemishes, easily bid farewell to correct skin tone, and help you create light natural nude makeup.
【Multi-essence Nourishing Formula】Add glycerin and avocado natural nourishing ingredients to achieve the purpose of concealing while retaining moisture and nourishing the skin. Mica and beeswax ingredients improve the texture of the concealer, forming an invisible protective layer, waterproof and sweat-proof for long lasting.
【Multi-purpose Color Correcting Concealer Palette】Covers skin blemishes such as dark circles and acne marks. In addition to the 6 shades that we equipped, you can also adjust the color according to the actual color of acne marks and dark circles. What’s more, you can also use it as contour palette help you create 3D facial features.
【Easy to Carry】Package includes 6 colors color correcting concealer palette and 1 round head concealer brush. Size is suitable and easy to carry. Even if you are traveling, you can bring it on trips to help you present a delicate and flawless makeup.

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