Makeup Brushes 24pcs Makeup Brush Set Kabuki Foundation Blending Brush Face Powder Blush Concealers Eye Shadows Make Up Brushes Kit with Bag

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makeup brushes
makeup brushes

Real Perfection

A rising brand that is devoted to the highest standards within the beauty industry.

We sincerely believe life is beautiful and so are you. Our motto is to live every single day happily, that is why we design and produce each Real Perfection product with that goal in mind.

Our customers are our greatest asset and the focus of everything we do. We go to great lengths to ensure our products deliver maximum value but still aim to offer them at affordable prices.

With the help of our professional makeup brushes, you will always look stunning elegant, and confident.

Beauty truly is power, thus, Real Perfection hopes that you will allow our products to assist you throughout your journey of becoming a powerful figure.

makeup brushes
makeup brushes

Real Perfection Makeup Brushes 24pcs Makeup Brush Set Includes:

1. Foundation Brush ; 2. Powder Brush ; 3. Angled Powder Brush

4. Contouring Brush ; 5. Blending Brush ; 6. Fan Brush

7. Large Fan Brush ; 8. Eyelash Brush ; 9. Eyebrow Brush

10. Eyeshadow Brush ; 11. Big Eyebrow Brush ; 12. Small Eyeshadow Brush

13. Small Eyebrow Brush ; 14. Concealer Brush; 15. Angled Eyebrow Brush

16. Lip Brush ; 17. Eyeliner Brush ; 18. Sponge Eye shadow Brush

19. Cream Shadow Brush ; 20. Eye Definer Brush ; 21. Wedge Brush

22. Coverage Face Brush ; 23. Small Plane Brush ; 24. Big Plane Brush

makeup brush
makeup brush

Steps to Clean Make up Brushes

1. Wet the brush with warm water, being careful not to fully immerse the base of the bristles.

2. Place a pea-sized drop of brush cleanser (or any mild cleanser like baby shampoo) in the palm of your hand.

3. Swirl the bristles in the cleanser in a circular motion until the brush is fully lathered.

4. Rinse the bristles, squeezing from the base to the tips to remove excess water.

5. Repeat until the water runs clear and all makeup is removed from the brush.

6. Reshape the bristles to their original form and lay the brush down on a flat surface to dry. You can also gently brush bristles on a paper towel to remove buildup. (Tip: Wash brushes at night so they are dry and ready for use in the morning.)







Easy to Hold Makeup

Our professional makeup brushes are soft and dense, so easy to hold makeup.

Attractive Makeup Results

The 24pcs makeup brush set includes a variety of brushes you want. Different shapes and sizes of makeup brushes allow you to create any type of makeup you want.

Foldable Pouch

Made of soft PU leather, each makeup brush is assembled and packed individually, easy to carry when you outside or traveling

24 pcs 6 pcs 15 pcs 6 pcs 15 pcs
Black Black Wooden Red Wooden Red Silver
PU Leather Makeup Brush Pouch
Included Not Included Included Not Included Included

Make up brushes with high-density bristles, smoother and silkier to pick up powder easily, don’t shed, nor hurt your skin
All 24pcs of professional makeup brushes are packed in a portable cosmetic bag for protecting, storing, and carrying to anywhere
Premium handles promise makeup brushes won’t be easy to get broken, offering a sense of luxury experience
Soft makeup brushes, Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied.