Makeup Palette 3pcs – for Nail Art | Metal Makeup Palette | Mixing Color Makeup Palette | Makeup Artist Palette | Cosmetic Artist Palette | Stainless Steel Mixing Tray

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The palette is suitable for mixing foundation, blending lipstick or eye shadow, also can use with nail art paint, gels, nail polishes, pigments, lash adhesive, etc.
🚨 Made of solid stainless steel. It’s strong from humidity and the shape won’t be changed even in fire. The smooth texture of stainless steel allows to either mix color makeup products on their own or blend by adding little bit of water.
🍀 After using makeup palette, you can easily wipe it up with tissue. Furthermore, it is hygienic and easily cleaned with water or detergent.
⚡️ Economical as it is not broken unlike plastic or glass and is able to use for long period without any damage. Moreover, Plastic has high chance to discolored but Faith in face’s stainless steel palette is not.
👀 Suitable for everyone from beginner to makeup experts. If you are considering a gift related to cosmetic, we highly recommend Faith in face cosmetic palette. It will be an essential makeup tool in your life.