Muvit Wireless Charger | 3 in 1 Qi-Certified | 15W Fast Charging Station for iPhone & Samsung

Muvit Wireless Charger | 3 in 1 Qi-Certified | 15W Fast Charging Station for iPhone & Samsung

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General for iWatch Series 3/2/1 38/42mm, iPhone XS MAX XR X 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9+, S9, Note 9, Note 8, S8, S8+, S7, S7 edge, S6 edge+, Note 5, and other Qi-empowered gadgets, AirPods (wired charged, needn’t bother with the additional lightning link).

  • Muvit wireless charger Works for iPhone products & all Qi-enabled Devices. Muvit is a Wireless Charging Stand with an LED indicator. Design angles that hold your watch, phone, and AirPods securely.
  • Compatible with most remotely charged telephones Smartphone charging dock made from eco-friendly ABS material and covered with a flexible oil for an impeccably strong material that won’t scratch. Also, the non-slip base adds to the overall strength of the product.
  • The built-in magnets and anti-slip silicone combine to create a secure hold for mobile phones. It allows charging vertically or horizontally for a better viewing angle. At the same time, the closed magnetic field will not interfere with the phone signal.
  • Enjoy watching videos while charging, while staying connected to work or personal messages in portrait  mode, utilizing an advanced chipset, featuring a double coil design that greatly increases charging speed. Eliminate the radiation and overheating risks associated with wireless charging with overvoltage protection and temperature control as well as foreign object detection, your phone is in good hands.

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MUVIT Wireless 3 in 1 charging found in your phone or headset uses a technology called Qi (pronounced CHEE). The way it works is your device has a receiving pad—essentially a small loop of wire—placed beneath its back cover, and wireless chargers such as Logitech POWERED have a similar loop of wire, called the transmitter.

When the two pads are aligned, a magnetic field is formed and allows power to pass between them—wireless power! The receiving pad in your phone is the boss—it’s the one in charge and tells the transmitting pad when it’s safe to turn on and how much power to provide.

Just drop and go. It’s that simple. Forget about fumbling with cords and adaptors when you need some power—wireless chargers are as intuitive to use as they are easy to set up.

One charger can deliver power to many of your favorite devices including phones1Qi-enabled phones only, headsets, AirPods2AirPods, and Air Pods Pro must charge with wireless charging case on, and more. Before you know it, your wireless charger will become an integrated part of your daily routine.

Eliminate the need to hunt down cords and cables every time you need a charge. Now you’ll not only do away with those unsightly and unseemly cords, but you also get to add a modern touch to your home or off Logitech POWERED wireless chargers use globally recognized Qi-certified technology to deliver safe reliable power. Some devices even offer fast-charging options beyond the standard 5W of power—up to 7.5W for iPhone® and 9W for Samsung phones. ice decor.

Say goodbye to battery anxiety and prolong your phone’s battery life with quick “power snacks” throughout the day. Whether you have a minute or an hour, just place your phone on a wireless charger to keep your battery in that optimal 50-80% power zone


Content Table

    Features   |   Gallery   |   Videos   |   Our Score   |    Buy On Amazon 


Content Table

    Features   |   Gallery   |   Videos   |   Our Score   |    Buy On Amazon 

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June 26th 2021

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