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The nail art pen’s body is made of quality wooden and alloy, durable for longer use.

Come with the separate straight tube to protect, preventing forking.

6 professional nail design pens can satisfy your various nails art design needs, drawing exquisite 3D painted patterns, plaid, flowers, line or applying builder gels for nails extension.

3 Size Liner Brushes: 7mm, 9mm and 11mm.
3 Size Dotting Tools: 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm.
Flat Brush: 8mm
Builder Brush: 15mm

Use for the first time:
1. Fill a small bowl with warm water or brush cleaner
2. Soak brush bristles in the fluid to remove the wax layer, wipe excess off on paper towel.

Daily maintenance:
1. Always clean your brush immediately after use.
2. Pour nail brush cleaner solution into a glass container. The cleaning solution is usually available at beauty supply stores. Swish the brush in the cleaner solution until visibly clean.
3. Remove liquid from the brush by dabbing the bristles on a paper towel. Try not to press the brush too hard on the paper towel as the bristles are delicate and can come off if too much force is used.
4. With your fingers, gently reshape the brush and allow to dry.
5. Apply a little cuticle oil or olive oil on the tip of the brush after you have finished cleaning it. This will keep the bristles soft. To clean the oil off, run the brush through warm, soapy water.

【Premium Quality】Made of high-quality fiber, no deformation, no corrosion. The smooth surface of the wooden brush handle, with lovely macaron-like colors, makes you feel relax and happy every time you use it.
【Durable Service】The alloy pen barrel design can firmly locks the pen body and brush bristles, which can effectively avoid the problems of breaking easily and losing hair, thus making it more durable.
【Easy To Clean】The first time you use it, please soak it in warm water for a minute to wash off the sealing wax on surface. Always clean your brush immediately after use, can use warm water, brush cleaner or baby shampoo for cleaning.
【Amazing Nail Brushes Set】The pen’s body is lightweight and comfortable, easy to hold and paint. The nail painting brush set is durable for daily use, great for professional salons and home DIY nail art, suitable for nails specialist and nail starter.