Medicine Man Plant Co. – The Liver Pill – Cleanse, Detox, Repair, Support Natural Health – Milk Thistle Extract, Burdock Root, Flaxseed, and Rosemary Antioxidants – 30 Day Supply

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Medicine Man plant Co.’s The Liver Pill recreates the ancient support, maintenance, and protection of your liver. Your ancestors knew that a properly functioning liver was the basis of good health and spent thousands of years testing herbs for this purpose.* The liver detoxifies your body and so maintaining your liver is key to overall health.The three choice plants from around the world are now offered together in a unique, convenient capsule form to give your body the daily dose of milk thistle silymarin, burdock root, and flaxseed, all of which are kept fresh and active by a protective antioxidant extracted from rosemary. Use this to clean, detoxify, protect, and optimize the functioning of your liver, allowing it to purify you!*
Milk thistle, burdock, flaxseed, and rosemary are also considered to be safe and beneficial* for your dogs, too!
NATURAL HERBAL FORMULA: MILK THISTLE SEED EXTRACT-800 mg: Milk thistle tea was used as a liver regenerator and to cleanse a fatty liver by Romans.* Studies of its silimarina and silymarin complex support damaged livers*. BURDOCK ROOT-800 mg: Ancient Chinese knew this root supports liver detox and liver health to flush the liver, maintaining optimal body health.* FLAXSEED-800mg: The choline and omega-3 fatty acids in this ancient seed increases the bioavailability of the milk thistle.* 🌿
DETOXIFIER, CLEANSER, TONIC: The use of these herbs and seeds to reduce fatty liver issues, improve the strength of liver action, and offer protection from alcohol and other liver toxins is supported by scientific research.* A clean liver is smart for a healthy life! 🌿
ETHNOBOTANY & CHEMISTRY COMBINED: Designed by patent owning, Ph.D. chemist, prominent medicinal plant forager, and author Dr. Mark Merriwether Vorderbruggen. This blend taps the experiences of ancient herbalists while also being supported by modern research.* 🌿
TRUSTED QUALITY: Sustainably sourced and harvested, 100% organic, non-GMO, 3rd Party tested for contaminants and heavy metals, minimally processed using cGMP standards to maintain the integrity of compounds. MM Plant Co. is 100% confident in The Liver Pill. If for any reason at all you’re not satisfied, simply contact us and we’ll make it right. 🌿