The Relief Products Eye Floaters Relief Eye Drops, 0.33 fl. oz

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Ban floaters & squiggly lines Temporarily eliminate floaters, dark spots and squiggly lines from your vision. These tend to develop as we age and are common in those who are near-sighted. With these homeopathic drops you don’t have to put up with the annoyance. Gentle and safe to use with other medications. Use 1-2 drops as needed. .33 oz. USA.

Natural Formula – Made of 100% natural active ingredients, including healing herbs such as Euphrasia (eyebright), chelidonium, physostigma and more
Convenient and Easy to Use – Simply squeeze one to three drops in the eye several times per day or as needed; Use every day for best results
Eye Floater Relief – Provides temporary relief from symptoms such as shapes and squiggly lines in vision, floaters, dark-dots and dust particles in your vision
Safe and Gentle – No harsh chemicals or vasoconstriction, eye drops are safe and gentle; No known side effects, interactions with other medications or contraindications