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PVO Mini Projector | For Cartoon, Kids Gift, Outdoor & Movie

PVO Mini Projector can be carried with it in a pocket or bag. Even children can hold it easily. You can enjoy movies, videos and games at home or in the outdoor courtyard, travel, camping and other places.


  • Mini projector is a must-have product for children to watch cartoons, movies, and videos.
  • YG300 Pro, upgraded in 2021, supports 1080P full HD and the natural resolution has increased to 800*480.
  • The picture will be clearer and more comfortable if the brightness and color saturation of the projected picture is improved.
  • Children’s eyes can be protected from mobile phones and iPads.
  • A mini video projector can be easily connected to multiple media devices, such as TV boxes, laptops, desktop computers, digital cameras, HDMI-enabled devices to play video, TV series, photo sharing, and games, etc.
  • The Mini video projector can also be powered by a mobile phone charger, car charger, or power pack via a micro-USB interface.

Detailed Review

Time-saving to install

PVO Projector Mini video projector well suited for the home, outdoors. The package included a power cord, remote control, and a handy carrying case. The quick setup guide and had the projector up and running in less than 5 minutes on my laptop and ran a couple of presentations. The projector was bright enough to illuminate the room.

Convenience compact projector

The pvo projector screen size is reduced for added convenience. As you know from your monitors and TVs, the LEDs turn on and off instantly with little to no warm-up.

Mini Projector

Better energy efficiency

Their improved performance is due to their better energy efficiency, longer lifespans, and overall improved performance. The elements fit the projector well.

Last longer life

Even if you sit and watch movies for eight hours a day, it will take ten years to replace a lamp on the projector. PVO portable projector reviews indicate that, unlike other lamp projectors, the light source does not need to be replaced every few years.

PVO Mini Projector Review

A cooler projector will reduce the risk of fire in your home. In addition, it reduces the chance of a child accidentally touching an extremely hot component. Children will love the design of PVO’s projector and get the most out of it.

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Content Table

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Mini video projector can also be powered by a mobile phone charger, car charger, or power pack via micro-USB interface, children’s eyes can be protected from mobile phones & iPads.



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Mini PVO Portable Projector


August 13th 2021

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