SCRUBIT Drill Brush Attachment Set – Power Scrubber Tile and Grout Tool – Use for Kitchen, Shower, Bathtub and Floor Surface – All Purpose Household Cleaning Kit Includes 3 Brushes with A Bit Extender

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Say No to Manual Labor
Aren’t you sick of scrubbing away at showers, floors, pots & pans and other places which acquire tough dirt? Then isn’t it time you made things way easier? These drill brushes will make cleaning a breeze by effortlessly cutting through any grime and muck – saving you time and effort.
Clean Your Floors, Bathroom and So Much More
Armed with these drill brushes, you’ll be able to clean anywhere. Make your shower sparkle, your tub glimmer, your car wheels shine, or your pots spotless. One kit, one drill (not included), effortless cleaning.
Made from Tough Stuff
These brushes are made from high-quality materials – and they’re built to last. They’re capable of cleaning even the toughest of dirt and survive, so your home and car can stay cleaner for longer.
No More Scrubbers and Scourers
Do away with the old scrubbers and scourers that need so much effort to clean. These cleaning brushes replace those items – even in harder to reach places, thanks to the extender. Clean like never before – armed with nothing more than a drill and our brush set.
Your Satisfaction is Our Priority
We want to make your life easier with these brushes. So if you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we’ll refund you – or replace your set within 30 days. Because we know what it is to clean for hours on end and still feel like you’re getting nowhere. No more…
Get These Drill Brushes Today and Say Goodbye to Manual Labor
ULTIMATE CLEANING POWER: This set is ideal for you if you’re serious about keeping your home and car spotless. When you’re sick of scrubbing manually, grab these cleaning attachments for your power drill and clean quickly and effectively.
ANY DRILL WILL DO: You can use any scrubber for your drill with any type of household drill. Simply attach and transform your standard drill into a power-cleaning machine. Suitable for most surfaces, your car boot and some interior, kitchen, bathroom – anywhere with tough dirt.
KEEP YOUR FLOORS SPOTLESS: Pets and kids tracking mud in again? Never fear dirt again – insert your drill brush scrub attachment and get to cleaning – quick and easy. This cleaning drill brush set helps keep your house cleaner with less effort.
HIGH QUALITY & DURABLE: Our cleaning attachments for the power drill are made from only the highest quality materials. Which means you can keep your house cleaner for longer without worry about perishing drill brushes.
100% SATISFACTION: If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we’re not satisfied with our service. Simply return your set within 30 days and we’ll replace defective sets or give you a full refund.