What Is a Massage Therapy

What is a massage?


Massages reach different parts of the body or heal in different ways. Rubs and kneads the body using the hands during the massage. Massage therapists apply gentle or strong pressure to the muscles and joints of the body to relieve pain and tension. This person is known as a massage therapist.

Integrative medicine usually includes massage. There are many conditions and situations where it’s being offered along with standard treatment.

This page is about the following causes

  1. The body to body massage
  2. The Seven Most Popular Types of Massage
  3. What is a massage Gun?
  4. Massage gun features to consider
  5. Massage guns: pros and cons
  6. Types of Massage Oil
  7. Benefits of massage

The body to body massage

Massages are performed in rooms filled with scented oil and filtered light. Throughout the session, soft, sensual music fills the air.

A massage actor is completely naked during the session. Massage oils are spread on their bodies after their hands have been warmed.

Playing alternately or simultaneously with their masseur, and at other times as the receiver. There are also body-to-body touch gestures, such as caresses and pressures on specific parts of the body. A one-hour session is usually scheduled.

The body-to-body massage is activated in massage centers and salons, but also at home

This type of massage helps to better control body sensations to obtain a greater performance at the level of sexuality.

Benefits of Body to Body Massage

A body-to-body massage offers the following benefits:

The circulation of blood is improved

Our home service massage services are available in either Lagos or Abuja, Nigeria, and they will surely result in better blood circulation. In this manner as well, we also provide body-to-body massages.

An increase in libido

Getting a body-to-body massage can help treat conditions such as erectile dysfunction and the absence of orgasms without the need for medical intervention. As body massage improves blood flow to the genital areas, it would be possible to overcome any sexual difficulty you might be experiencing. Various body chemicals that are linked to libido are released by body-to-body massage in Lagos.

Sleep Quality

As pressure increases at home, at work, and in school, the number of people who suffer from sleepless nights has grown rapidly in recent years. In the same way that body-to-body massage promotes libido, it can improve sleep. Erotic massage is designed to stimulate the body, mind, and soul, so your brain can shut down physiological and psychological feelings, enabling you to achieve total relaxation

Increased sexual intimacy

Providing body-to-body massages can improve sexual intimacy and increase self-confidence.

The Seven Most Popular Types of Massage

  1. Swedish massage,
  2. deep tissue massage,
  3. trigger point massage,
  4. Ashiatsu,
  5. neuromuscular massage therapy (NMT),
  6. sports massage, and
  7. pregnancy massage

Swedish Massage

The reason Swedish massage is popular is that it feels incredible and is deeply relaxing. In Swedish massage, beginners and seasoned therapists can both benefit from the many techniques used: long, gliding strokes over muscles; working muscles to yield deeper relaxation; tapping to tighten, friction for warmth; and vibrations to loosen.

Thus, Swedish massage is versatile, deeply relaxing, a great default message option! Here’s a good place to begin when researching types of massages.

Massage with deep tissue

Consider deep tissue massage if you suffer from chronic pain. People tend to find deep discomfort and pain in such aches, pains, stiffness, tightness, and soreness.

The benefits of deep tissue massage have been reported by people who have suffered from everything from lower back pain to tennis elbow to limited mobility to fibromyalgia.

Deep tissue massage includes warming up the muscles with lighter pressure. In addition to muscle stripping, sliding pressure is applied to the muscles lengthwise, and friction is applied to the fibers cross-grain.

Therapy for trigger points

Perhaps your neck or backaches in one particular spot? You might find trigger point massage, or trigger point therapy, and effective massage therapy to help you relieve these symptoms.

Trigger points are sensitive, painful muscle knots that can develop in different parts of the body, particularly in the back and neck. Though we don’t fully understand how these points develop, trigger point massage can provide tremendous relief through rubbing and pressure-based techniques.

Ashiatsu Massage

Ashiatsu, a Japanese massage method known for its deep, relaxing pressure, is a great choice for a deep massage. This treatment is called Ashiatsu, which means “foot pressure,” and it consists of a therapist standing over you and vigorously massaging your muscles while gently stroking and kneading them.

Try neuromuscular therapy if you suffer from low back pain or other muscle spasms. Using concentrated pressure techniques restores blood flow to muscles by targeting a specific group of muscles with pain.


As a result of spasm, a muscle cannot receive proper blood flow. It no longer receives sufficient oxygen, and muscles that do not receive enough oxygen will start producing lactic acid


it was originally developed for athletes and has a strong association with sports. This is because sports massage is a massage for a specific area of the body that is giving someone pain or discomfort—and in practice, most of these cases involve an area of the body strongly associated with a sport, such as running, tennis, and golf.


Besides producing muscle soreness, a spasm can produce the same effect at a pathological level.

Sports massage

Generally, the techniques used in Swedish massage are the same, but trigger point therapy may also be used. If you’re having trouble with a particular area of your body, whether you’re an athlete or not.

Pregnancy Massage

You may want to consider a pregnancy massage, also known as a prenatal massage if you’re expecting. They’re awesome for expecting mothers and their babies, as we’ve mentioned before.

Expectant mothers can benefit greatly from pregnancy massages. You have likely struggled with anxiety, depression, and aches and pains if you have ever been pregnant before. You will feel better after getting a pregnancy massage because dopamine and serotonin are released during a pregnancy massage, which results in a less complicated birth and more preparation for your child to thrive.

More pregnancy massages are based on Swedish massage techniques. An expectant mother may also receive a message throughout her pregnancy, however, it is referred to as pregnancy massage.

What is a massage Gun?

Handheld tools that apply quick, concentrated pressure to your muscles are called “mini jackhammers”. The percussion therapy used in the massage gun opens up tight

Considerations for massage guns

Our experts suggested some features shoppers should consider when comparing massage guns.


It is not recommended to use some units near the head or neck due to their high noise levels. Read reviews or look for noise complaints before purchasing a loud massage gun.


PPM is a measure of the speed at which massage guns pulsate. A higher speed or velocity will numb the muscles more superficially and a higher power model will reach deeper into them,”


PPM, or percussions per minute, is the measure of speed for massage guns. While higher speed or velocity models will produce a superficial numbing effect, higher power models will penetrate deeper into the muscle fibers,

The weight.

As massage guns are designed to be operated with one hand, weight is an important consideration. The hands or arms may become tired before you have finished your massage session if the gun is too heavy.


If you plan on keeping the massage gun in your gym bag or taking it on the road, consider its size.


If you are traveling with a massage gun, you should consider both its size and its weight.

W Since a massage gun is designed for one-handed use, the weight is very important. Using a heavy massage gun may cause your hands and arms to exhaust before you are finished.



 In addition to weight, size is important if you plan to store your massage gun in a gym bag or travel with it.

Ease of use.

If you can apply pressure to different parts of your body independently, then consider how quickly you can cycle through different speeds as you target different parts of your body.


Smart app.

With Bluetooth connectivity, some massage guns give you the option of controlling speeds, customizing settings, and selecting different programs depending on your activities or areas of concern.

Head attachments.

You can work on different areas of your body with a massage gun with a variety of head attachments. The large head of the flathead may be appropriate for smaller, dense muscle groups like the shoulder blades. Similarly, a big round head may be suitable for large muscle groups like your quadriceps.

Massage guns: pros and cons


A massage gun can relieve sore muscles after a tough workout or even some strenuous house or yard work. It is a convenient, portable way to bring your massage with you wherever you go, and the massage gun gives you a great massage while aiding in the removal of waste products and destroying scar tissue.”

Unlike manual massage, massage guns are battery-powered operated mechanical gadgets that never hold back, providing the same level of intensity and pressure to all users.”


Massage guns should be used properly. Massage guns can cause injuries to those who are inexperienced or have not done enough research on how to handle them. Rather than target the area that needs recovery, you may end up massaging an area that has referred pain, doing more harm than good,”

Massage guns may also potentially worsen injuries caused by sprains, strains, broken bones, or even swelling. It is important to check with your doctor before using a massage gun if you have a chronic condition to determine if it is suitable for you.

Types of Massage Oil

Massage oils come in a variety of types, and they should have positive qualities that allow them to be used during a massage. For each type of body massage oil, there is a different purpose. Here, we examine each one.

  1. Coconut Oil
  2. Jojoba Oil
  3. Sunflower Oil
  4. Almond Oil
  5. Apricot Kernel Oil
  6. Avocado Oil • Cocoa Butter
  7. Grapeseed Oil
  8. Kukui Nut Oil
  9. Olive Oil
  10. Shea Butter
  11. Wheat Germ Oil
  12. Sesame Oil

Benefits of massage

  1. Stress is relieved and the body is relaxed by releasing tension and fluid deep within the muscles, which increases tissue metabolism.
  2. Enhanced blood and lymphatic circulation increases oxygen and nutrient absorption.
  3. Encourages healing of atrophied muscles by “waking them up” to permitted for fastest healing with increased flexibility.
  4. Removes lactic acid from the body, often as a result of intense exercise.
  5. Stimulates nerve receptors, which cause vasodilation in the skin and muscles to increase mobility.
  6. Massages collagen fibers deeply to reduce pain and inflammation caused by scar tissue.
  7. Increases range of motion and reduces strains and sprains with more flexible joints.
  8. Enhances wellness in general. The regular use of a Relief Gun can improve sleep, immunity, and reduce anxiety.
  9. Reducing muscle tension and pain, and improving immunity
  10. Improves circulation, energy levels, and vital signs, and reduces pulse rate